Educational complex number 2 "School-Lyceum" of Rivne City Council

Educational complex number 2 "School-Lyceum" of Rivne City Council
Experimental establishment of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The school today:
This is an innovative educational institution, that works in terms of dynamic development, constantly creating conditions for equal access to high-quality education.

The strategic concept
To create conditions for socially competent, spiritually rich and physically healthy, creative person who possesses deep knowledge. Establishment of priorities of constant society development.

The structure of educational activity:
  • Primary school (1-4 grades) - 15 classes;
  • Basic School (5 - 9 grades) - 17 classes;
  • High school (10-11 grades) - 6 classes.
On September 1, 2011 the school numbered 1,027 students.
At eight departments school has 102 teachers.

The school provides educational services:
  • state educational standards;
  • specialized education (physics and mathematics directions);
  • advanced study of foreign languages 
  • (English, German, French);
  • advanced study of history.
Scientific support
  • Conducting of nationwide level research and experimental
    work on "Formation of spiritual and moral values of the personality in terms of implementing the new model school environmental culture", started in 2009 under the direction of the Institute of Innovation Technologies and Contents of Education of Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The aim of research is finding new ways to improve environmental education in secondary school.
Cooperation of school with scientific institutions, institutions of higher education (colleges)
  • Institute of Education NAPS Ukraine
  • Institute for Innovation Technology and Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine
  • National Technical University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
  • Kyiv University of Technology and Design
  • National University of Water Management and Nature.
Approbation of educational literatureи
Approbation of authorings
Implementation of innovative educational technologies
  • technologies "Ecology and Development";
  • personality oriented education;
  • interactive studying;
  • method of projects;
  • information and computer technologies (using of multimedia projector, test programs for verification of student`s knowledge, electronic manuals, Internet access);
  • anahnostyc technology of education.
Work of research and creative laboratories
   Based on school are constantly held city, regional seminars, trainings, methodical festivals

Participation in trainings and educational programs
  • Participation in training program, "Project Management" (with the support of C. Mott Foundation and the Foundation named by Princes-Benefactors Ostrozki;
  • Courses "School - the territory of human rights" (supported by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union together with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, funded by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the International Fund "Renaissance").
    In modern life the development of computer technology requires appropriate knowledge. Educational complex number 2 "School-Lyceum" has leased line to connect to the Internet, a powerful school server, a modern computer lab with the operating system "Windows", equipped with peripherals. Such a technical provision allows children to study and assimilate good practical experience and skills when working with a computer and use their knowledge later in life.

Projects initiated and organized by pupils
Educational complex number 2 "School-Lyceum"
  • City project "Give Swan Couple to The City".
  • City project supported by the Jewish community of Rivne "Hesed-Osher," - "Droplets Of Human Kindness...".
  • The city project "Establishment of School Mini- Arboretum".
  • City open mini-football competition "Cup of The Streets" among street teams of Rivne.
  • Annual outdoor health-improving sports competition for students of 3-4 grades.
Holidays at school are inevitable tradition


Educational centers

A school camp "SMILE"

Today the school has a strong material and technical basis
  • The laboratory for study of computer science fundamentals;
  • Lecture hall with multimedia software;
  • Modern classrooms;
  • Methodological office;
  • Assembly hall;
  • Museum of the institution;
  • Choreography class;
  • Well-equipped gyms;
  • Playground;
  • Library with more than 22,000 items.

Contact Information

Address: 33028 Rivne, st. August 24, 2.

+38 (036) 2 223003 (director) 
+38 (036) 2 269443 (reception) 
+38 (036) 2 267963 (deputy director on education)

E-mail: (Director)