History of our school

Russian private gymnasium for orthodox youth (formerly: Russian secondary school, or municipal male gymnasium, or gymnasium № 1) has resumed its work in autumn 1919.
The gymnasium was housed in the old castle of Prince Lubomyrski on Zamkova Street. In November 1922 it continued its work in the school building on Olexandryvs'ka Street, 15 (where nowadays the school №3 is located). The gymnasium was renting a building (so called, palace on the hill) in the park of Prince Lubomyrsky for several academic years (1923-1926).
In 1926 the gymnasium was housed in a new school building that had been built at the expense of Rivne community (the building was not preserved, today at its place the shop "Foxstrot" is situated).Training was conducted in Russian, Polish, French, German, English, Latin and Slavonic.  The gymnasium employed the best teachers: G. Kosmiady, I. Kulish etc. 
Russian private gymnasium of Rivne (the interwar period) has absorbed the best traditions of educational establishments of the imperial time. 
The development of the gymnasium was linked with the names of its directors: S. Aposhansky, O. Yushkevych, S. Lobachevsky.

Russian private gymnasium of Rivne acquired the status of the state educational establishment on arrival of the Red Army in the West of Ukraine. In November 1939 it was renamed Secondary School № 2. The pupils' body of the school numbered 1050 pupils. S. Lobachevsky was transferred to the post of deputy head. M. Golovatenko was appointed as a new director of the school.
Taking into consideration the status of the school and its necessity of a new building, because the part of the old one had been reorganized for the needs of military hospital the school was located on Pushkin Street, 4 (today the working place of UMIA).  However NKVD bodies forced the school out of this building.
The first Rivne evening educational establishment for adults worked on the basis of Secondary School  № 2. Almost 200 persons studied there. <br>Rivne state training institute for teachers founded in 1940 cooperated with Secondary School   № 2 also.

In 1947 Secondary School № 2 continued its work on Stalina Street, 30 (today Soborna Street, 30, where the municipal department of education is located).
This four-storeyed building was erected for school needs in 1930.  From 1939 till 1941 there were located Russian secondary school № 4 and a maternity home.
At the end of the academic year 1949-1950 the school numbered 634 pupils, almost 160 pupils got to school from the surrounding villages: Schpanov, Kolodenka, Verhova and Brodova.
The head of the school was G. Yakovenko.
At the beginning of the academic year 1957-1958 Secondary School № 2, as the best school in the city, was moved to a new spacious building on Chapaeva Street, 2 (today Dragomanova Street, 2).
The school trained specialists in the field of consumer cooperation.

When Rivne College of Cooperation was opened a lot of pupils from Secondary School №2 began to study there that's why the reorganization of the school system was inevitable.  It has got the status of educational establishment with eight years of studying. At the beginning of the 70s everything returned to normal and the school got the status of educational establishment with ten years of studying.
In 1986 due to the hard and persistent work of Volodymyr Muzyka (director of the school of that time) the old building of school was reconstructed and finished.  1700 pupils studied there.
The directors of the school were V. Muzyka, V. Chuy, M. Gargola, P. Babiychuk.

In 1996 the educational establishment focused on the profiling studying. Cooperation with institutes, experimental work, creative achievements of the teaching and pupils' staff has promoted the status of the school as the best one among others educational establishments in the city and region.
A. Nagornuy was a director of the school at that time.
In 2000 the school was reorganized in Rivne educational complex №2 "School-Lyceum", Rivne municipal council.
Since 2009 it has been an experimental educational establishment of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Thus, we can state that Rivne School - Lyceum № 2 of nowadays has great traditions. It has absorbed the experience of well known educational establishments of Volyn such as: Russian private gymnasium (the interwar period), School № 2 (the German occupation period), Secondary School № 2 (the post- war period).

School - Lyceum №2 is looking for materials with aim to create a book and museum of the oldest school in Rivne.
Your memories, old photographs, coins, newspapers, books, stationery and school supplies etc. will help to recreate the pages from the history of the best school in the city. 

Pupils, teachers and parents of "School - Lyceum" №2 are grateful to the following people for the hard work of finding the materials that help to create the museum:

Andriy Nagornuy - director of "School - Lyceum" №2;

Olena Magola - deputy director of "School - Lyceum" №2;

Olena Pryschepa - PhD, assistant professor of history of Ukraine in Rivne State University of the Humanities;

Victor Mysan - PhD, professor of International Economic and Humanitarian University named after Academician Stepan Demyanchuka, the honored teacher of Ukraine;

Yuriy Oleksyn - PhD, professor, pro-rector of Rivne Institute of Postgraduate Education.