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“English in my life”

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«Конкурс селфі»

Передайте через фотографію емоції, які пов’язанні з вивченням англійської мови, як вона вас змінила чи досі змінює, як впливає на ваше життя.

English is my future!
I know English very well! It is very interesting and useful for me. I need to know English to communicate. English is my future!  English is my life !

Alina Zavada, form 6-A «School-Lyceum» No 2

I adore learning English! 
English made my life bright and interesting.  I learn it because I want  to meet new people,  make friends,  travel and speak with foreigners, understand songs and read English books. As they say: "You are as many times a person as many languages you know "

Anastasiia Feniuk 3-th form School-lyceum No 2

English is an integral part of my life!
I learn English  because it is the official language of 53 countries. In my future I can travel around the world and speak with people, learn about their culture and traditions. English is also the language of the Internet. If you know English you can  take part in forums and discussions, watch films in original.

Vlad Biletskyi 4th Form, School-lyceum No 2

English is the most widespread language in the world. I have visited England and I liked it. So, English  is my FUTURE!!!

Yana Stetsuyk, form 6-A,«School-Lyceum» №2

«English in my life»
I like learning English. I speak English at school at the lessons. I like singing English songs, too. English helps me to make new friends abroad. I want to visit Great Britain.

Vereiko Sofia, form 6-А, School-Lyceum No 2

«English in my life»
English means much in my life. As for me English is a language of an exceptional importance. Studing English is very useful. So I learn English with interest.

Sophia Mazurok, from 6-A, School-Lyceum №2

«English in my life»
I like English. It is one of the most important languages in the modern world. English helps in the perception of world culture. So English is very interesting and  important for all of us!

Sasha Yushchyshyna, form 6-А, School-Lyceum No 2

I like English!
It is a very important language in the world. I learn it, because I want to be clever. I think that it’s necessary for a successful person.

Maksym Kapitaniuk ,4-th form , School-lyceum No 2

«English in my life»
I would like to say that English plays a great role in our life. It is officially known international language so it even necessary to know it if you want to make a success in career. As for me English is a language of an exceptional importance. I like to read books. I read them all the time. English helps me to read them in original in order to dive deeper in the author’s world. I like to compare the text in English with the one in my native languages. This makes my imagination brighter and my speech more expressive.

Diana Hinochik, from 6-A, School-Lyceum No 2

«English in my Life»
Hallo! My name is Dasha! I like to travel very much, so I have to study a lot of languages. I have a dream to travel around the world. Studying English is wonderful and useful. It’s easy to have friends when you can speak English. 

Dasha Shuromska, from 6-A, School-Lyceum №2

English in Mind
So,it is very useful to learn foreign languages. "Knowledge is Power”.Speaking a foreign language you can not only read the magazines and original books by great writers,but as well watch TV programs, travel in the different parts of the world. So a modern and a cultured person must learn foreign languages.

Vika Semenyuk, form 5 – A, School-Lyceum No 2 

Fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs” by Joseph Jacobs
- Hello! My name is Miss Naf-Naf.I like to smile.I like to laugh.
- I am rosy and fat.I am not quick.It is not so bad to be a pig.I have no grief,I’m never sad.My name is Niff-Niff. Remember that.

Sasha and Nastya, 5 – A, School-Lyceum #2

The world of fairy tales.
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women, merely Players;
They have their Exits and their Entrances,
And one man in his time playes many parts,.. 
( by William Shakespeare)

Nastya Shevchuk ,5-A, School-Lyceum #2

Music is the universal language of the world.
I am fond of music. I like to listen to the songs by our popular singers. They are talented and skilled singers and composers and I like to visit their concerts. Their concerts always make a great impression on me.

Vova Malafiyik, 5-B, School-Lyceum #2

Our English lessons are very interesting and useful
We are the 5th-A formers
We are the best
We like to read
We like to play
We study English every day.

Yana and Vika, 5- A, School-Lyceum #2

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